There are SO many fitness training options out there, which is awesome, but how do you know which is right for you?


What I’m about

  • No fluff.
  • Safe, responsible, structurally balanced training. Your limits can be pushed without ‘for show’ types of training.
  • I’m in this with you. I genuinely care about you.
  • No Buzz words. Let’s just be real, you want to look and feel better? I use my experience and knowledge to make that happen.
  • I can help anybody. You don’t need to be fit to start personal training, it can be scary to take that first step but it’s totally worth it.
  • Fun and variety are key! No two sessions are the same. I’m not into boring routines, I will tailor sessions and homework with what you need and want.
  • Convenience and affordability increases participation. Check out my workplace options here.
  • Accountability equals results.

Need a little help? I got you.

Personal Training

The most tailored and hands on form of training.

Getting you to your goals quicker and safer.

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Workplace fitness training, challenges and workshops.

Convenient. Fun. Effective.

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You want to look awesome for your big day.

I know how to make that happen...

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"Suzie was my trainer well before my wedding and has always encouraged me to exercise and eat healthy. When I became engaged and focus shifted to being the best version of myself I could be on my wedding day, Suzie helped me achieve my health and fitness goals. I lost six kilos and more than just feeling confident in my wedding dress, by the time my wedding rolled around I was the fittest and healthiest I had been in a long time. Suzie’s coaching went well beyond our weekly training sessions – she encouraged me to stay on track with my diet (while still allowing myself to indulge occasionally) and exercise away from the studio. The best thing was that I never felt like I was missing out on anything – with Suzie’s encouragement I reached my goals and still had a life while we worked on my health and fitness. That’s the thing I’ve always enjoyed about training with Suzie – she understands that being healthy and strong doesn’t mean super gruelling training sessions or restrictive diets. She taught me to be smarter about my training and eating and when I look at my wedding pictures, what strikes me is that I look healthy and confident." - Nicole

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