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  • Suzie is fantastic! Before I started training with Suzie, I was at my heaviest at 107kg at just 24 years old. With Suzie’s help, I was able to lose almost 17kg before my wedding in October of 2011.

    Suzie listens to your needs and goals, and she creates a fitness program designed specifically for you. She is creative in the way she implements her training session and she has always makes them fun (even if it doesn’t seem fun at the time!).

    There were times when I thought I couldn’t do something, or complete a training session because I’d be so fatigued, but with Suzie’s encouragement and motivation, I was able to push through and do things I never thought I could! Like run on a treadmill for 5 minutes! It may seem ridiculous to many people, but that to me was a major achievement! Suzie can and will push you to your limit, but believe me, it’s all worth it in the end!!

    I highly recommend Suzie for anybody who is looking for a trainer that can push you, motivate you and inspire you. Thank you Suzie!

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  • I trained with Suzie for quite a while. I needed help to push myself further and stay motivated while trying to achieve my goals.

    Suzie helped me achieve more than I ever dreamed possible. She was able to keep me on track, educate me about all things fitness and wellbeing related and encourage me to keep going even on my bad days. I often threw random questions at her and she was always able to provide me with detailed answers.

    I never thought I would be able to complete a triathlon (even if it wasn’t a full sized one), or even an 8k fun run but she provided so much encouragement and training for them that I was able to successfully complete both, and a number of events since!

    Suzie is the most encouraging and supportive personal trainer that I have ever met. She knows when to push and just how to approach me to make sure that I stay positive and never give up.

    I would recommend Suzie for anyone looking for a strong and knowledgeable trainer

    – Crystal

  • Suzie is an amazing motivator. She helped me reach my 10kg weight loss goal with our lunch time boot camp! Great personal and group trainer- would highly recommend her to everyone!!

    – Angela

  • Suzie is an amazing personal trainer who genuinely cares about the health of her clients. Her knowledge of both fitness and nutrition is fantastic and I would highly recommend her

    – Melissa

  • I highly recommend Suzie as a trainer. She is an awesome motivator and tailors my training to suit my goals!

    – Cathy

  • I’ve been training with Suzie for many years now – she helped me achieve my weight-loss goals for my wedding last year, and she keeps me on track and motivated, whether I’m exercising to focus on specific areas of my body or working out to stay active and lead as healthy a lifestyle as I can.

    After just a few sessions it was clear that Suzie recognised what keeps me motivated and she tailors each of our sessions to make sure she gets the best out of me. What I really enjoy is that no two sessions are ever the same – she switches things up to maintain my interest, while still ensuring that we work to maintain my fitness goals. The knowledge she has passed on has been invaluable also. Before starting personal training I had never picked up a weight – I felt overwhelmed by the weights room at my local gym and wasn’t aware of how beneficial this type of exercise was to my health. Suzie has helped me to understand the types of exercises I need to be doing, as well as the correct technique for completing each.

    I can’t recommend Suzie enough – if you’re after a personal trainer who will push you when you need to be pushed, offer support, guidance and encouragement (even when you’re not in the gym) and who will make working out fun, she’s your girl!

    – Nicole

  • Suzie has been my trainer for 6 years. She helped me turn my life around. Even when I was diagnosed with PCOS and gained all my weight back and plus some, she helped me stay the course and helped me get back on track. Thank you Suzie for your unwavering support and fierce encouragement!

    -Melanie Curac


  • I have been training and trying to stay fit and healthy for years. However I have never been able to achieve my goals until I met Suzie. Suzie taught me how to set goals and work towards them. She has always been motivating and keeps me on track.

    She not only helped with my fitness but she also helped me understand that it takes more then exercise to reach your goals. Meeting Suzie led me on my journey to understand and discover myself. She made me understand that she only writes the programs and provide nutritional guidance, but it was me who had to follow it. It was me who was letting myself down over the years.

    Through Suzie’s training and her Empower E-book I have become fitter, healthier and grown as a person. I now know what it takes to lose weight and stay fit. I now know what empowerment is, and have become a confidant and content with myself.

    Thank you Suzie and Reve Health & Fitness

    – Kangna Prasad

  • I definitely believe that your books are beneficial in helping women achieve what they want with regards to changing their exercise, eating and lifestyle habits.

    I am a strong believer in not making drastic changes to your life or lifestyle.  This is the quickest way to failing and leading to further feelings of inability and a lack of motivation, self esteem and accomplishment.  In Book 2, where you have set out a Week by Week challenge and change, is a much more manageable way to approach making the changes and being successful.  I think that this is possibly one of the most important areas in your books.

    What can I say .. The Health Tool Box .. it really isn’t that hard if you organise, plan and prepare.  It’s being armed with the information that will makes the difference.  Great advice!