Brides to be

Every bride wants to look her absolute best for her wedding. It is generally the most important day ever for looking and feeling good and the most effort a woman will ever put in to training. All eyes are on you, you want to be stunning!

A lot of the most successful clients have been brides. People with a clear goal in mind and a deadline will do whatever it takes to get the job done and therefore achieve their results. No back fat or wobbly arms! We know the areas that are important for a wedding dress and how to get you looking and feeling your best 😉

Aside from the many physical benefits of training for brides, exercise also helps deal with stress. There is no better way to vent your wedding planning stress than through exercise!

We offer different training packages to suit you, brides can choose whether they want personal training one on one, with a buddy or small group.  One on one is our most popular with some brides pushing for their partners and even bridal parties to get involved closer to the big day, it’s a great way to have fun and work hard!

It’s never too soon to start training for your wedding, in fact the more time you give yourself the better, you don’t need any extra pressure or stress close to the wedding. Contact us here to have a chat about our training options and things you need to know about training for your wedding!