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I've made a few notes! hah
I’ve made a few notes! hah

Paleo is the new in thing, or the new fad diet or the most evil thing ever brought to us by that evil Pete Evans…… come on.

My mega long trip of all things carbs, soda and lots of blisters. 10277628_747271971959660_2155013119285160517_n

Welcome back me!! My husband (yes, husband now woohoo) have just gotten back from our Part 2 Honeymoon – travelling the USA, Cuba and Mexico for 2 months. Before I left I was a bit anxious about a few things, my business/clients, my fitness and health. I thought I would share my experience with you.

BodyTone – exercise class for women

Rêve Health & Fitness is bringing BodyTone to the Hills District in 2 locations. Enjoy the experience and guidance of a personal trainer at the price of a group session.


Woman holding a measuring tapeThursdays @ Rouse Hill Community Centre 9.30am starting 18th July

When I first started as a personal trainer it was kind of ingrained into me that personal training and weights programs were the best and only way to train. Group classes were a bit of a waste of time and didn’t push you or benefit you greatly. Well like all things in the health industry…it depends.

“Whose idea was it to go bush walking?” I said as I huffed and puffed my way up a steep incline…. oh yeah, mine!

My fiancee suggested we take a trip to the blue mountains, I said great let’s go walking. I thought I need to exercise and I have my expensive hiking boots that lay idle most of the year in my closet, lets do it!

You most certainly can exercise when it’s raining!

It’s so easy to find excuses not to exercise or eat right. Excuses are easy to make but after a while who are you really trying to fool?

I often get asked by clients how do I stay motivated all the time?? The simple answer is , I don’t.  I’m only human and I believe humans are allowed to fall off the wagon and get distracted by exciting and pretty things and get lost in the field of dreams…so to speak (although field of dreams was a great movie right??!).

Ok, This started off as a testimonial but then as I read it I thought it would make a great post. Yes it makes me sound great (thanks Nadeane!) but why I wanted to share this with you is because it is a journey.  We all have our own journeys. It doesn’t stop when you reach your initial goal weight or sign up for a gym membership. It’s ongoing, there can be numerous obstacles but also sweet victories. The message that comes through is that Nadeane didn’t give up, she is still on her journey, discovering things she didn’t think she could do and letting go of pressures she had put on herself. I hope that this testimonial might relate to you in some way, especially pressed for time mums 🙂