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My month of yoga began with a busy brain and a funky hip.bigstock_Expert_Yoga_Pose_3644364

A month a go I was feeling a bit out of whack. My brain was full of chaos, bouncing around multiple projects, running my own business and not being able to switch off – especially at bed time. Ugh.  I have a chronic problem with my hips/pelvis and when I don’t exercise enough it hurts and if I do too much of some things it hurts. I needed balance.

Brrrr perfect weather for soup!!!! ChunkyChickenSoup2

Just a taste of the many recipes from Winter Warmer Recipes. Available now for instant download Only $5, click here to grab your copy


Chunky chicken soup

I've made a few notes! hah
I’ve made a few notes! hah

Paleo is the new in thing, or the new fad diet or the most evil thing ever brought to us by that evil Pete Evans…… come on.

My mega long trip of all things carbs, soda and lots of blisters. 10277628_747271971959660_2155013119285160517_n

Welcome back me!! My husband (yes, husband now woohoo) have just gotten back from our Part 2 Honeymoon – travelling the USA, Cuba and Mexico for 2 months. Before I left I was a bit anxious about a few things, my business/clients, my fitness and health. I thought I would share my experience with you.

Have you heard of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? You may know somebody who has it, you may have it and not pcosknow it…whatever your circumstance, it pays to know a bit more about it for you and ladies you care about. I previously wrote an article about PCOS. I now want to add to that, by sharing my client’s story who actually has it. The incidence of PCOS is on the rise, it’s important to know it’s not all doom and gloom should you be diagnosed with it. Mel is an inspiration who is determined to get her health on track and doing a fantastic job. She is the mentor and motivator of several of her friends who have also been diagnosed with it.

BodyTone – exercise class for women

Rêve Health & Fitness is bringing BodyTone to the Hills District in 2 locations. Enjoy the experience and guidance of a personal trainer at the price of a group session.


Woman holding a measuring tapeThursdays @ Rouse Hill Community Centre 9.30am starting 18th July

When I first started as a personal trainer it was kind of ingrained into me that personal training and weights programs were the best and only way to train. Group classes were a bit of a waste of time and didn’t push you or benefit you greatly. Well like all things in the health industry…it depends.

I had a request for the recipe of a risotto I recently cooked. Now it’s winter i’ve kept a copy of my healthy winter warmer recipes cookbook close to the kitchen. I’m revisiting some of the recipes to see if I can make them even healthier, tastier and time saving. experimenting again is fun!!