Start Here

Before you get started with training I recommend you do the following things-

1. Measurements. If your goal is weight loss or weight management we recommend you take measurements of yourself prior to starting the program. The key areas are your bust, waist (measure around the belly button) and hips. Make sure you stay consistant with your placement of the measuring tape and take note of clothes you wear.
2. Ignore your scales. Weighing yourself can be a great way of keeping you on track and accountable, but as your body shape changes and your body composition changes the scales may not show movement. Use your clothing and how you feel in your body as your guide. Remember good results take time and are achieved through a healthy diet and exercise.
3. Test your fitness. Before you start your exercise programs we recommend you test your fitness to set a benchmark. The only way to recognise success is to measure it.

Let’s visit and squash a few common myths related to exercising.

If I do weights i’ll get bulky (woman) – Unless you are genetically inclined to put on muscle mass easily you will not put on a lot of muscle. Females only have a small amount of testosterone compared to males so it is generally harder for women to put on muscle and may take longer as well. Think lean and toned!
I have to work out every day to get results – Results don’t just happen; they take hard work and dedication. However that doesn’t mean you have to be exercising every day, going to the gym for three hours, dedicating large portions of your day to exercise. We know you’re busy. As a general guideline we suggest following one of our programs (which challenges you) three times per week. Anything on top of that is a bonus. You could be working out every day but if you are not working to your capability you may not notice any real results or to the other extent you may be overtraining.
I can lose X amount of weight in 1 week – Weight loss is an individual thing and is subject to many factors. Your hormones, genetics, eating habits, injuries, stress levels etc. all play a part in weight loss. Some people’s bodies react quite positively and quickly and for others it takes a lot longer.

Whether your journey be weight loss, weight control, improving your lifestyle, improving health and fitness, I wish you the best of luck. Always remember to stay positive, start small, be realistic and remember you are capable of doing more than you think you can all you have to do is try.